Bunk beds - advantages and disadvantages

Bunk beds for a children’s room – advantages and disadvantages

Bunk beds for children have been very popular for quite some time. The bunk beds certainly encourage many children who see them in the store to beg their parents to buy it for them. Such a bed is certainly a good addition to a children’s room. Often, interior designers who arrange children’s rooms choose this solution to add an interesting element to the whole project.

However, before buying such a bunk bed for our small toddler or a child, you need to think about it. It is not a purchase for a year or two, but usually for a longer period of time. You need to spend your money wisely and analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this particular piece of furniture for your toddler’s room. You have to remember not only to be guided by what the child wants but also to see if such a choice will be functional and will adapt well to your apartment or house. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of bunk beds, and what rooms are the best suited for them?

Bunk beds age – when can we buy such a bed for our child

A bunk bed is not suitable for children of all ages. A very young kid will certainly not be able to climb the ladder or lie down to sleep at the top of the bed. Therefore, such bunk beds are best chosen for children who are at least 3 years old. What is more, bunk beds for toddlers are a good solution if you want to buy this kind of bed for their room. Of course, it depends on parents and their choices. Parents frequently choose this type of bed for their little ones even earlier. However, what is important to remember is the safety of our children. You must consider whether such a bunk bed is appropriate for the age of your kid.

Advantages of bunk beds – what can we gain from buying such a piece of furniture to the child’s room

The perfect solution for small rooms and spaces

A bunk bed is a very good solution if you do not have a very large space at home. If you do not have room to set up two separate beds in your area it is good to think about this. Therefore, such a solution will give you a place to arrange something else instead of putting a bed there. You can organize a play area for your child, or even a nice corner with for example books or toys so that your child can feel good there.

Space under the bed

Of course, bunk beds do not always have two beds. We can find beds of this type with only one place upstairs. This solution will give us more space. But why choose this kind of bed? We can put a desk under or prepare a play corner for our child to make the room even more suitable for a kid.

Interesting entrance to the top of the bed

The most popular is a bunk bed with a ladder. However, manufacturers provide us with the variety and attractiveness of their products, and that is why we can meet other types of entrances, on which the child can get upstairs. Nowadays, in many stores, we can find models such as a bunk bed with stairs, a bunk bed with a slide. What can be added is that you can also see another model and that is a bunk bed with a desk at the bottom. A bunk bed with stairs will certainly make it easier for your kid to climb up if the child is small and you are concerned about their safety. On the other hand, a bunk bed with a slide will surely be a great attraction for every toddler and their friends who visit them at home.

Kid's room - bunk bed
Bunk bed with a slide for children’s room. Source: https://laptrinhx.com/news/twin-loft-beds-with-slide-wQYbZE4/

Perfect fun for children

Bunk beds are great fun for every child. Getting up and down on the ladder can be interesting and entertaining for your toddler. What is more, sleeping upstairs further enhances the attractiveness of such a bed. Many of us can admit that if we had such a bed, or there was one on a school trip, we wanted to sleep upstairs. As mentioned earlier, it is an amazing attraction for every child.

Various types of bed designs

Now on the market, we can find bunk beds with very interesting designs appropriate for children’s rooms. Thanks to this, such bunk beds will not only play a role as a place to sleep but also as a decorative element of a room. You can find the perfect pattern to match your entire room decor. It is certain that a matching bunk bed with the entire decoration of the area can please many parents.

Disadvantages – what to watch out for when you choose bunk beds

Child’s safety

It is worth mentioning that such bunk beds are great fun and an attraction for a child. However, it must be remembered that the kid must climb up every time they want to go to sleep. This means that due to their sudden lack of attention and sometimes also excitement, they can fall off when getting on the bed. It may result in for example a contusion, which will certainly not be pleasant for our child.

Sleeping comfort

If we have a bunk bed with two mattresses: one on the top and one at the bottom, the comfort of sleep may decrease. As for the child sleeping downstairs, they may complain about a few things. For example, they may be bothered by the fact that they hear someone climb upstairs. The other reason is if the person sleeping above them is fidgeting. These will be things that will be difficult to eliminate.

Not suitable for every room

Earlier it was mentioned that such bunk beds would be a good solution for a small space. Unfortunately, it won’t be good for low rooms. Therefore, before buying this kind of bed, we should carefully measure the height of the room. You need to see if your child has enough space to sit at the top of the bunk bed. Most importantly, they must have enough space so as not to bang their head against the ceiling. 

Sometimes it is the case that buying a bunk bed is a necessity and we cannot help it. However, now you can see the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of beds. Now you can choose something suitable for your child. In the store, you will surely find many colors, types, and models to match your room perfectly.

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